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Tooth in a day dental implant in Bromley

If you have a gap in your smile or need to have a tooth removed because it is broken, loose or decayed, we can offer same day tooth replacement.

We will replace the gap or the damaged tooth with a single dental implant for a long-lasting solution in the same day so that you do not have to endure a gap in your smile.

A dental implant acts like a natural tooth and because it is embedded into your jawbone, it remains fixed with no need to remove it. There’s no need to worry about cleaning your new tooth or avoiding certain foods. And best of all, with tooth in a day, you can replace a loose tooth or tooth in bad condition without having to suffer a gap in your smile.

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What is the process for a tooth in a day replacement?


We examine your teeth and mouth and take an x-ray and possibly a CT scan to ensure you have enough bone to place dental implants. We will go through your oral and medical history and discuss the process for tooth in a day replacement.

Dental implant surgery

We will give you a local anaesthetic to ensure the area of your mouth is completely numb.

If you need to have a decayed or loose tooth removed, this will be extracted first.

The dental implant is inserted into your jawbone and will be topped with a temporary crown so that you are not left with a gap in your mouth.

Tooth in a day replacement means you can then leave the dental surgery in Bromley with a new smile.

Permanent restoration

We will need to see you for occasional check-ups over the next three to six months whilst your gums heal and jawbone fuses with the dental implant.

Once this period of healing has finished, we will take new impressions of your mouth to create your final bespoke tooth. The fitting of your custom-made tooth is your final step in the process.

Dental implants image used by Bromley Park Dental & Implant Centre to replace missing teeth

What are the benefits of tooth in a day in Bromley?

Having a tooth in a day replacement in Bromley means:

  • There’s no need to endure a gap in your smile – you can replace a loose, decayed or tooth that is in poor condition with a natural looking replacement in the same day
  • You can be more confident in your smile and interacting with others
  • Lose your insecurities about how you look
  • Your new tooth will enable you to chew, eat and smile without insecurity

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