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Avoid dentures slipping with implant supported dentures

Over time, dentures will begin to slip and move out of place. This is natural because after losing natural teeth, your gums and jaw start to change.

When dentures start to become loose and slip out of place it can be uncomfortable and embarrassing especially if you are talking, laughing or eating. You will need to have your dentures replaced approximately every five years to ensure a good fit.

There is another way to avoid dentures slipping and moving about and this is with dental implant retained dentures also known as an overdenture.

What are implant retained dentures?

Implant supported dentures are made up of new teeth that sit on an acrylic base which are attached to dental implants. This is a good solution if you have missing teeth but have sufficient bone to support the dental implants.

The dental implants are a replacement for natural tooth roots. Depending upon the number of missing teeth, you may have up to eight dental implants inserted into your upper and lower jawbone. Once healed, the overdenture clips on to your dental implants usually with a metal bar which keeps your new teeth firmly in place with no risk of slipping or moving about when you talk. You remove your overdenture at night by unfastening the clip to clean your teeth.

We have treated hundreds of patients from Bromley, Chislehurst, Beckenham and throughout Kent for implant retained dentures who have been delighted with the results. Book a consultation to find out more about implant supported dentures.

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What is the process for implant retained dentures in Bromley?

Consultation and assessment

At the consultation we will get to know more about you by discussing your oral and general health. We will assess your mouth, any teeth that you have and gums. We will take x-rays and a CT scan to ensure that you have sufficient bone in your jaw to go ahead with implant retained dentures. We will talk through the process for implant retained dentures and answer any questions that you have.

Dental implant surgery

The dental implant surgery will take place at Bromley Park Dental. We will make you comfortable and give you a local anaesthetic to your mouth so that you will not feel anything.

If any teeth in poor condition need removing, we will gently take them out at this stage.

Next, we will place the dental implants to your upper or lower jaw or both depending on where you have missing teeth.

Once the dental implants are in place, we provide you with a temporary denture or you can wear your old denture if it is in good condition.

The dental implants need a period of between three and six months to heal to ensure that they have merged with your jawbone and promote the success of your dental implants.

During this time, our laboratory will be busy making your custom-made overdenture.

Fitting of your overdenture

Once we are happy that the healing is complete, we will invite you back to the dental surgery in Bromley to fit your overdenture.

First, the abutments will be fitted to your dental implants, the overdenture then fixes on top. We will show you how to clip your overdenture in place and to remove it for cleaning.

You will need to take good care of your gums and dental implants to ensure their longevity and your dentist in Bromley can talk to you more about this.

Dental implants image used by Bromley Park Dental & Implant Centre to replace missing teeth

What are the benefits of implant supported dentures in Bromley?

There are several advantages to having implant supported dentures:

  • Implant retained dentures mean your dentures will not slip or become loose which improves your confidence to talk, laugh and eat as usual
  • Implant supported dentures last much longer than traditional dentures
  • You will be able to chew comfortably and eat your favourite foods with an overdenture
  • As your overdenture is held firmly in place with the dental implants, you will not need to worry about using denture adhesives or pastes
  • Overdentures are stronger and require less maintenance than traditional dentures
  • Implant supported dentures allow you to speak more clearly as they are more secure and will not slip
  • The overdenture can easily be removed for cleaning
  • The dental implants prevent your jawbone from receding which can happen with missing teeth causing your face to sag and look older

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