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Solutions for several missing teeth in Bromley

If you have several missing teeth, it can affect your confidence. If your missing teeth are at the front of your mouth, you may feel embarrassed to smile. If you have missing teeth at the back of your mouth, you may find it painful to chew or eat.

Dental implants are the more permanent solution to replace missing teeth. Unlike dentures, you do not need to remove your false teeth every evening, instead dental implants remain fixed in your jaw – they look and function like natural teeth.

If you have several missing teeth, each missing tooth does not need an individual dental implant. A more cost effective and stable approach for many missing teeth is to place a dental implant at either end of the gap or gaps in your mouth and then place a bridge across the dental implants.

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What is the process for multiple dental implants?


At your initial consultation, we will assess your mouth, teeth and gums. We may take an x-ray and CT scan to get a better picture of your oral health. We will talk through your oral and general medical history and go through any questions that you have about multiple dental implants.

Multiple dental implant surgery

Multiple dental implant surgery will take place at the dental practice in Bromley. We will administer a local anaesthetic to the areas in your mouth so that you will not feel anything.

If you need to have any decayed teeth or teeth in poor condition removed, they will be extracted at this point.

The dental implants are then placed into your jawbone at either side of the gap or gaps in your mouth.

Depending on how many dental implants you are having, the process can take between three and five hours.

We leave a period of between three and six months for your gums to heal and for your dental implants to fuse to your jawbone. This is an essential part of the process and ensures the success of your dental implants.

Fitting of your implant supported bridge

Once your healing period is over, we will invite you back to the dental surgery in Bromley where we fit the abutments to the dental implants and then fit your bridge on top.

Your bridge containing your new false teeth, will be carefully colour-matched to any other teeth in your mouth.

Your dentist in Kent will discuss how you should best care for your dental implants by brushing thoroughly twice a day and flossing once a day. This will promote the longevity of your dental implants.

Dental implants image used by Bromley Park Dental & Implant Centre to replace missing teeth

What are the benefits of multiple dental implants in Bromley?

There are several benefits to having multiple dental implants in Bromley:

  • Multiple dental implants offer a long-lasting solution for several missing teeth. Replace the gap or gaps in your mouth
  • Regain the confidence to smile again
  • Replacing many missing teeth with multiple dental implants allows you to chew and eat without pain or difficulty
  • By replacing several missing teeth with multiple dental implants, you protect the health of the teeth adjacent to the gap
  • Gaps in your mouth caused by missing teeth can lead to receding jawbones which can cause your face to sag and appear older. Replacing missing teeth with multiple dental implants gives more structure to your face – maintaining a youthful look
  • Replacing several missing teeth with multiple dental implants and a supporting bridge, is a more cost effective and secure than to replace them with individual dental implants

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